Thursday, April 14, 2016

Don't fall asleep on Sanders

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Can you Feel the Bern?
If you have been paying attention to your car radio and evening television shows, then you know that Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is all in for the April 26 Pennsylvania primary.
While opponent Hilary Clinton has her eye on the big prize of New York, which is looking like a big victory for the former Secretary of State and First Lady, Sanders apparently has set his sights on Pennsylvania and has been advertising on the local airwaves heavily over the past week.
We have all heard “I’m Bernie Sanders, and I approve this message” countless times over the past few days.
And for fellow political junkies, how interesting would things get if Sanders is able to pull off a win in Pennsylvania.
As most of the attention still is focused on the Republican Presidential race, and rightfully so with all the craziness going on, people better keep an eye on Sanders. A win in Pennsylvania would seriously put a damper on Clinton’s carnation as the Democratic nominee come November.
A victory in Pennsylvania would not only continue Sanders’ momentum he has gained over the past month, but more importantly, depending of course on who you like, it will force Clinton to continue fighting Sanders rather than the Republicans.
Make no mistake, that is huge because Clinton was supposed to dispatch Sanders long before now and any money she could save for November or leaks of alleged skeletons in Clinton’s closet could make things for her very tough come November.
I completely get the fascination of the Republican circus and a contested convention would be fascinating.
Just don’t fall asleep on Sanders. A win here in Pennsylvania will make things very interesting.

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  1. Nope not feeling the bern... After the last Democratic Debate between two angry OLD white people, one has to consider as Democrats we rarely give anyone a second shot and Hillary lost once before. Old Bernie comes off as a hippie professor at some college, lecturing us on some issue that he has little understanding on. His banter is that of Marxism, rallying against the 1% that control the direction of this great country. Bernie has the knowledge to run Vietnam, Cuba,or some other backwater country.

    As Hillary stands there yelling about her past efforts and actually represents the richest 1%; yes the Clinton machine. Well with the Clinton's we know what we are getting, there is a past we have been there before, and that playboy coward Bill doesn't really want to go thru this again. His efforts to support Hillary appear to be a flop. I just wish we had better choices. - Where Joe?